Realising the biobased economy potential in Europe, NEWFERT project proposes tackles the design and development of different enabling technologies to allow the re-use and valorisation from biowaste making them suitable as secondary raw material in the fertilizer industry: a new brand of cost-effective, eco-friendly and healthy advanced fertilisers.

Furthermore, NEWFERT (New Fertilisers) targets highly plant available combination of specific organic and mineral components and sets up ranges of their concentration in NPK fertilisers.

  • The main objective of the proposal is to build up a breakthrough concept of Fertiliser Industry, strengthening European competitiveness and boosting the biobased economy potential inEurope, through the development of a new value chain based on nutrient recovery bioprocesses from waste streams for manufacturing biobased NPK fertilisers.
  • NEWFERT aims to decrease raw material dependency, prevent resource depletion and reduce the environmental impact increasing significantly the fertiliser industry sustainability.

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